Livin' on a prayer

I feel like there is so much praying going on the week of a big wedding. Praying every stem was counted (and recounted) correctly, that the email we just received from the grower contains only good news, that the product we ordered arrives safely, that we can find something to replace whatever showed up in the wrong shade of purple, that the weather is not too hot but also not too cold, that we can fit 37 centerpieces in a small SUV, that the rental company will arrive any minute even though they’re an hour late, that the wind doesn’t knock over the ceremony arrangements, that the bride and groom are happy and everyone is on time, that the guest in the bright red dress sits in the third row and away from the aisle, that the kids running around at cocktail hour will get tired soon, that cleanup takes less than an hour, and that there will be enough hot water at the rental house for everyone to take a shower when we finally get home at midnight.

Somehow, no matter what happens, weddings always just work out. It’s nothing short of a miracle.